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Changes in the structure and function of the ecosystem due to global environmental changes and anthropogenic development are causing various ecological problems, such as biodiversity reduction, vegetation change, and land degradation. As these ecological problems are gradually accelerating and becoming serious, it is very important to analyze the current state of ecosystem sustainability and to establish proactive prediction methods and countermeasures.
In order to build an academic foundation for understanding and evaluating ecosystem sustainability, this research team pioneers three core research areas-advanced modeling, system-level analysis, and ecological planning-based on 'Systems Ecology'. The final goal of the research team is to develop quantitative analytical methods on ecosystem sustainability and to design ecological systems and policies for the improvement of ecosystem sustainability through integrated research of three core research areas.
This team conducts international-level research through collaborative research and research technique sharing with international organizations, and build the foundation for developing research results on ecosystem sustainability into practical technologies by conducting collaborative research with industry. In addition, the research team intends to contribute to improving the public's interest in and understanding of the importance of ecosystem sustainability through the development of education programs and active promotion of research content.

Kijong Cho, Korea University
Yongeun Kim, Korea University
Raeik Jang, Korea University
Yun Eui Choi, Korea University
Cholho Song, Korea University
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